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  • Are the bricks new or used?
    The majority of our Lego bricks are purchased in bulk from Lego and other large distributors. However some bricks are purchased from second hand sellers. These bricks have been washed thoroughly and checked for damage before being put into stock.
  • How often do you release new sets?
    We are always working on and developing new sets for you to enjoy. We design our sets using a combination of Lego design and graphic design software. Depending on the scale of a set it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete.
  • Are sets made from official lego bricks?
    Yes, all sets are made from official lego bricks. The exception to this is any custom parts. Custom parts will be listed in the products description.
  • What are custom parts?
    Custom parts are parts that have been designed by the team from scratch. These are un-official lego parts and are included in some sets or in some occasions, can be ordered separately. The are 3d printed from resin or filament. Some of these parts can be fragile and should be handled with care.
  • I am missing pieces from my order.
    Please get in contact with us. We will need a description of the packaging on arrival and photographic evidence of any damage or tampering with the package. A case will be opened if the above statement is true. If the above statement is false, we will look into the claim on a case by case basis to work out the best resolution. Typical resolutions: Pieces shipped to your shipping address. Partial refund (optimal if you are able to purchase the pieces yourself). A free return for a full refund Please note these are possible resolutions not guaranteed and we will follow our policies.
  • How long does shipping take?
    United Kingdom - Items bought in the UK will be shipped tracked 48 or tracked 24 if priority shipping is selected. Tracked 24 will receive dispatch prioritisation. World Wide- Items bought from anywhere in the world will be shipped "International Tracked Air Mail". The majority of items are delivered within 2 working weeks. However, this is an average and each order is a case by case basis. Average shipping estimates: America: 1.5 weeks. Canada: 1 week. Rest of the world: 2 weeks.
  • How long does dispatch take?
    Typical dispatch for a order will take 3 - 5 days on average, however orders will be packed and shipped as quickly as possible. Priority shipping orders will also be prioritised in dispatching orders.
  • What packaging is used?
    All packaging is recyclable. Order of packaging from outside in: -Double walled card board box. -All pieces in a ziplock back. -Small pieces in ziplock inside the original ziplock. -Characters in a ziplock bag for protection.
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