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Product  Quality 
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All osrsbricks models are sold with genuine LEGO® bricks. 

At osrsbricks we decided very early on that we would source the highest quality bricks to make sure our customers got the quality they know and love. Although these bricks come at a premium, we strive to offer models that will stand the test of time in playability as well as looking stunning on display. 

Product  Design 

All of the models offered in the store have been designed through CAD (computer-aided design). We have access to the full database of LEGO® parts, which helps us create models that resemble the in-game asset as closely as possible. 

A Set goes through multiple design phases. Through feedback from our bricks members, fans and the community, to get the very best detail. 

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Product Testing
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Testing models involves a meticulous process to ensure quality, functionality, and strength. 

Prototypes are constructed and subjected to various stress tests. Functional components, such as moving parts or interactive features, undergo rigorous testing to verify their performance is smooth and consistent.  


At osrsbricks we believe we should do our bit to help reuse and be sustainable. 


Many of our bricks are sourced second-hand. As huge fans of LEGO® it pains us greatly to see bricks discarded to live their lives out in an atik or closet. Before being packaged bricks are thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Our packaging is also all made from recycled material. 

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