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📜Product Description:
Farming - Skilling 99 Set -  157 Pieces

THIS SET CONTAINS CUSTOM PARTS - Custom parts are 3d printed and either painted by hand or printed in the displayed colour. These parts can be fragile and should be handled with care. 


Parts in this set:

Skill Cape


Length - 13cm
Width - 13cm
Height - 6cm
Pieces -  157 Pieces


🤝Shop Policy:
Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Jagex or any of their trademarked games.


Shipping & Returns: The full shipping and returns policy can be found by navigating to the page called "shipping & Returns" under the "HELP" button on the navigation bar.


Other Policies: All of OSRS BRICKS policies can be found be navigating to "store policy" under the "HELP" button on the navigation bar.

99 Farming Skill Set

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