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📜Product Description:


Zulrah - 561 Pieces
A beautiful  creation of Zulrah in Magma form using genuine lego bricks. A fantastic model for a desk or gaming setup. 

Length - 19cm (7.5inch)
Width - 25.5cm (10inch)
Height - 18cm (7inch)
Pieces - 596


Character Included: Max Magician 

Character Not Included: No character will be included in the set.


🤝Shop Policy:

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Jagex or any of their trademarked games.

Shipping & Returns: The full shipping and returns policy can be found by navigating to the page called "shipping & Returns" under the "HELP" button on the navigation bar.

Other Policies: All of OSRS BRICKS policies can be found be navigating to "store policy" under the "HELP" button on the navigation bar.


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