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Website Reviews (2).png
Website Reviews (2).png

Affiliate - Theoatrix

Theoatrix is an Affiliate of osrsbricks. Actively advertising our products through his YouTube platform with over 200,000 subscribers and numerous videos reaching over 1 million views. 

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Recognition - Old School Runescape

osrsbricks has been featured in the official Old School Runescape social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. osrsbricks has also been featured on the official website as well as J-Mods actively interested in our projects. 

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Affiliate - Beckyosrs

Beckyosrs was the first person to be affiliated with our bricks, and we are eternally grateful for her belief in our products. Becky streams Old School Runescape content on Twitch. She is quite possibly the most dedicated player to Saradomin, especially with her main having the very iconic username: Zilyana and just under 12,000 kill count.  

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Affiliate - "LegoOSRS"

"LegoOSRS" posted his creations of Runescape LEGO proejcts over the past 3 years on reddit, hes gained thousands of upvotes and has had amazing support. He is the only active user creating regular posts of this syle. He is now an official team member of osrsbricks. 

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"LegoOSRS" - 9,000 Reddit Post Karma 
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