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WARNING: The Brothers are resin cast and have no moving parts. 

📜Product Description:
Barrows Chest Room Set - 394 Pieces


One of the most iconic Runescape Minigames is Barrows. A place feared in the hearts of many back when in 2005 its original release date. Although feared it also brought riches to many players. Even in 2024 the barrows minigame will hold a legendary prestige ingame.


Add these legendary characters to your Mini-Figure collection. Casted in Resin for the perfect translucent shade of purple. 


This set includes one brother of your choosing: 






and Ahrim

Standard Mini-Figure Scale

Width: 20.6cm (8.1 Inches)

Length 23.4cm (9.2 Inches)

Height 7.4cm (2.9 Inches)


📝 Custom Parts:

All brothers are printed from high-grade professional resin. All of the barrows have no moving parts. 

Barrows Chest Set

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