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📜Product Description:
Vorki - Mini Vorkath Pet - 281 Pieces FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Head, Wings, legs and tail !


Vorkath is a mighty foe but if you are so daring to defeat him you might get that very lucky chance to walk away with Vorki, your very own little blue dragon. 


Dragons have a very special place in medival fans hearts. Vorki is no exception. Build your own little Vorki to sit by your side as you skill, quest, fight and conquire your way through Gielinor. 


Just be careful that little smile contains sharp teeth. 


Size may vary due to legs, head, tail and wings being fully adjustable. 

Scaled alongside the other mini / pets.

Width: 31.7cm (12.5 Inches)

Length 26cm (10.2 Inches)

Height 17.2cm (6.8 Inches)



Vorki - Mini Vorkath Pet

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